Finally an affordable pro custom hockey stick

CHS offers pro-level quality, customizable 1-piece carbon fiber hockey sticks available for any level player.

Andre Roy

NHL •  Tampa Bay Lightning 2004 Stanley Cup Champion

The CHS difference

CHS gives hockey players the ability to create a custom hockey stick. Get your favorite customization every time by choosing your curve, flex, kick point, grip & blade finish, height, weight, and custom graphics.

Create a CHS login to save your desired setup, so you can either make repeat orders or adjust & tweak your unique hockey stick specifications. CHS takes away the struggle of repeatedly trying to find your favorite hockey stick. 

Graphics & colors if selected will be added on top of your carbon fiber weave selection.
Select your final choice in the customizer below.

All sticks come with: Front of shaft: Your name • stick info • curve • flex   |  Back of shaft: CHS logo  |   Graphics are optional.

Graphics & colors if selected will be added on top of your carbon fiber weave selection. Select your final choice in the customizer below.

All sticks come with:
Front of shaft: Your name • stick info • curve • flex
Back of shaft: CHS logo
Graphics are optional.




Brand comparison


This curve is becoming more popular due to its superb accuracy. Great for toe drags, quick release with amazing precision.

Curve: Toe Face: Open Depth: 12mm – 1/2”

Lie: 5

Brand comparison

Bauer P28 Eichel
CCM P28 McDavid
Easton E28
Sher-Wood P28
True Hockey TC4
Verbero V28
Warrior W28 Yakupov/Gallagher


One of the most popular curves, ideal for puck control, quick releases, shooting both high and low and toe-drags.

Curve: Mid-toe Face: Open Depth: 12mm – 1/2”

Lie: 6 – Junior 5

Brand comparison

Bauer P92 Matthews
CCM P29 Crosby
Easton E3
Sher-Wood PP26 Stastny
True Hockey TC2
Verbero V92
Warrior W03 Backstrom


This curve is great stick handling and gives you an extra pop for wrist shots with quick releases.

Curve: Mid Face: Slightly Open Depth: 14.3mm – 9/16”

Lie 5

*Not available for junior sticks

Brand comparison

Bauer P88 Kane
CCM P40 MacKinnon
Easton E36
Sher-Wood pp88 Ryan II
True Hockey MC
V88 Gaudreau
Verbero V88


This curve has more blade on the ice which enables the player with better stick handling. Great for both forehand and backhand shooting.

Curve: Mid-heel Face: Closed Depth: 9mm – 3/8”

Lie 6

*Not available for junior sticks

Brand comparison

Bauer PM9 Stamkos/Larkin
CCM P14 Duchene/P45
Easton E4
Sher-Wood PP96 Bouchard
True Hockey MC2
Verbero V90
Warrior W01 Lupul/Shiefele


Great curve for shooting off the heel, slap shots & going top shelf.

Curve: Heel Face: Open Depth: 12mm – 1/2”

Lie 6

*Not available for junior sticks

Brand comparison

Bauer P91 Staal
CCM / Reebok P6, P15
Easton E6 Parise
Sher-Wood PP20 DR
True HCR
Warrior W05 Granlund


A favourite amongst defencemen, this curve is ideal for shooting from the heel of the blade, great for slap-shots and precision saucer passes.

Curve: Heel Face: Open Depth: 12mm – 1/2”

Lie 6

*Not available for junior sticks

Brand comparison

Bauer P02
CCM P20-Lid
Easton E5
Sher-Wood PP05
True Hockey HCS
Warrior W12/W02 Lidstrom


This curve is ideal for keeping the puck on the toe of the blade and is great for quick release precision shooting. 

Curve: Mid-Toe Face: Open Depth: 12mm – 1/2”

Lie 6

*Not available for junior sticks

Brand comparison

Bauer P14 Toews
Warrior W14 Chara

CHS31 - Goalie

Great curve for puck control, and with the open curve will give the goalie the ability to make quick saucer passes.

Curve: Mid-Heel – Open – Square Tip

Brand comparison

Bauer P31
CCM Bernier
Reebok Luongo 
Sher-Wood PP30
True TC
Warrior Quick

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Player Type

?Circumference of shaft: 92mm = 3.6” inches. 100% full carbon graphite.
?Circumference of shaft: 92mm = 3.6” inches. 100% full carbon graphite.
?Circumference of shaft: 88mm = 3.46" inches (Junior Blade - Slightly smaller than Senior, size varies depending on curve)
?Normal is the same finish as the stick. For example: gloss stick finish = gloss blade finish.
?Adds a subtle dotted sandpaper finish to the blade
?Unidirectional carbon fibers that run in one direction, similar to the grain of wood & what makes our sticks completely Black.
?There are 12,000 carbon fiber filaments woven which give the hockey stick the small checkered pattern.
?There are 18,000 carbon fiber filaments woven which creates the larger checkered pattern. This is our strongest carbon fiber hockey stick.
?Name, curve, flex, kick point, lie (on the front of the shaft) and the CHS logo (on the back of the shaft) are automatically printed on all of our sticks.
?Name, curve, flex, kick point, lie, and a fully wrapped CHS graphic will be printed around the stick.
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FREE shipping for 2 sticks or more



Proper stick “lie” means that your blade will lie flat on the ice as you skate and stick handle the puck.

Please note that each curve has it’s own specific lie. We cannot offer different lies for all curves. Please consult the curve chart above for more details.

Lie 5 – Low skaters or long sticks

For players who like having a longer stick height and/or skate closer to the ice with the stick more out in front of them.

Lie 6 – Upright skaters or short sticks

For players who like having a shorter stick height and/or skate more upright with the stick closer to their body.

Stick Height

How to measure stick height

Place a hockey stick with the spine of the shaft flush against a wall. Custom Hockey Sticks take the measurement from the floor to the top of the shaft. This will give you your exact height. 

Please note that some other brands measure only the length of the shaft, or to the heal of the blade, which will result in a shorter measurement, for example, 60″-63″.

What height is best for me?

To know what stick height is best for you, stand up straight with your stick in front of you (the stick straight to your body). Without your skates on, the stick should reach between your chin and your nose.

Another way of measuring is the final height should be approximately your total body height minus 6-8 inches.


The flex indicates how easily the stick bends when you shoot. If you are not sure what flex to choose, you should start with approximately ½ your weight in pounds. For example if you weigh 200 lbs, then try a 100 flex. If you like your stick a little more stiff, then go up in flex, and more soft, go down.

Please note: If you cut your hockey stick, the flex number will increase by approximately 5 per inch you cut off. For example if you purchase a hockey stick with an 85 flex and then cut 1 inch off the top of your stick, your new flex will be approximately 90.

Kick Point

CHS offers three different kick points, which is ultimately where the stick will flex when shooting; Low Kick, Mid Kick, and High Kick. 

Low Kick

If you like having a quicker release of the puck for wrist or snap shots, you will want to go with a low kick. This is the preferred option for forwards. Low kick is becoming a growing trend.

Mid Kick

If you want a well rounded stick that is ideal for slap shots, wrist & snap shots or know that you put more a little more weight into your stick when you shoot, then you will want to have a Mid Kick. This is the more popular option.

High Kick

Lastly, High Kick brings the kick point high up in the shaft which is great for players who like to wind up their swing for strong slap shots, or full motions wrist shots. Having a high kick will give you more power with big wind-ups. This is the least popular option. 

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For teams, individuals and sport stores

These are all great reasons for making up your very own personalized graphics.

For a one-time fee of $350 CAD, we can help design and make a pattern that will be printed on your very own hockey sticks. Once the template is made, there are no additional charge per stick even for future orders. 

Add custom graphics to my stick

Place an order for 10 sticks or more and custom graphics are free.

Choose your colors for your stick graphics. If you have exact color codes please use the # (HEX) value.
  • Total: $0.00 CAD

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