Custom Hockey Stick Graphics

These are all great reasons for making your Custom Hockey Sticks even more personalized with your own team, store, or organization’s logo and colors.

For a one-time fee of $350 CAD, we can help design and make a pattern that will be printed on your very own Custom Hockey Sticks. Once the template is made, there are no additional graphic charges per stick, even for future orders!

Free Custom graphics for large orders

With all orders over 10 sticks, your Custom Hockey Stick Graphics are free.

White Glove Service

When placing an order for Custom Graphics or large orders, we help you along each step of the way to assure your graphics are exactly as you want.

Hockey Sticks as promotional items

Get Custom Hockey Sticks for your corporate gifts or even private events. Lower grade carbon options are available upon request.

Cost savings

As soon as you purchase 10 or more sticks, you are eligible for available discounts and or Custom Graphics. See below for our discount levels:

Add custom graphics to my stickS

Place an order for 10 sticks or more and custom graphics are FREE.

Choose your colors for your stick graphics. If you have exact color codes please use the # (HEX) value.
  • Total: $0.00 CAD

Some examples of our Custom Hockey Stick Graphics