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Custom Hockey Stick Extension

Need a little extra height for your senior or junior Custom Hockey Sticks? Add a stick extension to gain 6″ in length. Our hockey stick extensions are made out of durable 12K carbon fiber.

How to measure stick height

Place a hockey stick with the spine of the shaft flush against a wall. Custom Hockey Sticks take the measurement from the floor to the top of the shaft. This will give you your exact height. 

Please note that some other brands measure only the length of the shaft, or to the heal of the blade, which will result in a shorter measurement, for example, 60″-63″.

What height is best for me?

To know what stick height is best for you, stand up straight with your stick in front of you (the stick straight to your body). Without your skates on, the stick should reach between your chin and your nose.

Another way of measuring is the final height should be approximately your total body height minus 6-8 inches.

Stick extension price including shipping:


$29.00 CAD