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About Custom Hockey Sticks

We founded Custom Hockeys Sticks on the belief that everyone should have access to high-quality custom-made hockey sticks at a more affordable price point.

Hockey sticks are a consumable item, and although they are built tough, with time and repetitive play, hockey sticks will eventually get worn down, lose their flex, or may even eventually break. At close to 400$ for a high-end custom stick, this can also break the bank pretty fast, especially if there are a couple of players in the family. There is no need for your game to be compromised by settling for “off the rack” sticks that may not perform as well.

We alleviate the struggle of trying to find that stick that you love with a certain curve, flex, and feel, but not being able to find it again 6 months to 1 year later, it becomes a challenge. We know, we’ve been there. At Custom Hockey Sticks, we keep your order history on file, and you’re able to come back time and time again to get that same Custom Hockey Stick you love.
Custom Hockey Sticks is a direct-to-consumer online-only brand that cuts out the middleman which enables us to keep costs low while offering high-performance Custom Hockey Sticks.
We are based in Montreal, Canada where our families, sons & daughters are dedicated to the sport of hockey. We coach, we play, we brush shoulders with NHL & high-level players that provide constant feedback to help better our products. We simply want to offer a high-quality Custom Hockey Stick without breaking the bank for families just like our own.
We hope that we can be the right Custom fit for you!

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